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Ashford Radio is excited to present Steven V Cross

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Ashford Radio is proud to present Steven V. Cross. Steven is a man that knows how to play the business field. Currently, he serves as President of American Alliance Financial and loves to mold this business clay with precision and accuracy. He majored in Business management in finance and received his Masters of Arts degree in Business Management.


Join us on Ashford Radio as Steven discusses his company and divulges his company’s successes and their methods. American Alliance Financial have refocused itself to become an important entity within the energy, governmental "Green" projects, and technology sectors. With its unique approach, dynamic relationships, and core expertise, AAFFG is dedicated to becoming a primary entity within the commodities and energy arena.


Tune into on March 30th, April 6th, 13th & April, 27th at 3PM to learn more about this all powerful business leader and his future endeavors. If you have any questions about these shows, or would like copies of these shows after they, please call the following number: 516-222-2266

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